Lumi Tiles

Lumi Tiles are an exciting and unique product, new to the Australian market. A Lumi Tile is your choice of photo set in a stylish, modern acrylic tile with high visual impact.

Lumi Tiles can help you capture images of special people and moments in your life and make a great custom-designed gift idea. The image appears to hover on the front of the tile. Lumi Tiles make a great gift.

The 2 – 4 cm depth of the arcylic tile gives the images a luminescent, floating, three dimensional effect, and the tiles are freestanding, so no hanging is required. Lumi Tiles can be placed inside or outside under a covered area, and come in 3 sizes.

You select your preferred image/s, the orientation of your Lumi Tile (portrait or landscape), and whether you prefer vibrant full colour, stylish black and white, or romantic sepia.

Then our experienced team will create your personal Lumi Tile for you. We can often enhance your image using our skill and high-tech photo software. This is included as part of our service and doesn’t cost extra.

Our customers have purchased Lumi Tiles for their rental property, for corporate gifts, for their desk at work and for interior design purposes. They’re compact and portable, which makes them perfect for travelling and as a gift for someone overseas.

  • FREE standing acrylic tiles
  • Gives images luminescent depth
  • Three standard sizes to choose from
  • Great custom designed gift idea
  • Also available in Metallic Paper
8 x 620 x 153cm
12 x 820 x 303cm
12 x 1230 x 304cm

Contact us for quotation and custom size.